An introduction to Roadrunner Email and Time Warner Email

Roadrunner is a subsidiary of Time Warner Cable network provider in the US. Till 2015, Time Warner was the second-largest cable network provider in the US. But in 2016, Charter Communication bought Time Warner along with its subsidiaries. Roadrunner was also one of those subsidiaries. Roadrunner is a spinoff of Time Warner company. Since its launch in 1995, Roadrunner was aimed to provide high-speed internet.

Roadrunner became widely popular among US consumers soon after its launch. The service is named after a famous cartoon character, “Roadrunner.” The company took Roadrunner’s name to advertise its fast network speed. However, after the consolidation between Charter Communications and Time Warner Inc., Roadrunner was renamed. And it is now known as the Spectrum Internet. Currently, Charter Communications manages both Time Warner Inc. and Roadrunner Internet service.

About the Roadrunner Email and Time Warner accounts

The email services of both brands are only offered to the users who have subscribed to the company services. After signing up for the internet or the company’s cable TV services, anyone can request an email account. But, don’t confuse the Roadrunner and TWC email with other email services such as Gmail or Hotmail.

The users use these email accounts to receive emails regarding bills, lodge a complaint about the services, ask for queries, make payments, etc.

When a user unsubscribe the other services of Roadrunner or TWC, the company deletes the respective user’s email account. And the user can no longer use any of the email addresses.

Charter offers webmail services to its subscribers. So, if you’re a Spectrum, TWC, or Roadrunner user, you can use its webmail service.

Before Charter communication bought the TWC, the user used to use the TWC’s website to log in to their email account, but now users use the official Charter Spectrum website to access their account. You can access both email accounts, whether it’s TWC or Roadrunner email account, through the Spectrum Website.

Now that was the basics of the Roadrunner email and TWC email account. But if you want to know how to create a TWC account, sign up for the roadrunner email account, log in to the Roadrunner email and TWC email account, and set up the mail account, this information is for you.

Signing up for the Roadrunner email account-

You can create a roadrunner account only as a sub-account of TWC. But one condition here is that the user has to have the TWC master account. Also, make sure to use the domain to create the account.

Follow these steps to create a Roadrunner sub-account- 

  • First, log in to your TWC master account and then go to the “TWC Subscriber Self Care.”
  • Next, open the “User Management” tab.
  • Now, click on the “Create New Sub User” option.
  • Enter a new user ID and complete the First name, Last name, and password information sections.
  • Confirm the password and then click on “Create a New Sub User.”

Login to the Roadrunner email account-

You can use any fast web browser to log in to the Roadrunner account. However, you can also set up these accounts on any email client or mobile phone. But the browser method is the simplest and easiest.

These are the instruction to log in to the account-

  • First, go to
  • Then, select the “My Account” option.
  • Next, click on the “Sign in” option.
  • Now, enter your Roadrunner email address and password.
  • Finally, hit the “Sign in” button to login into your account.

Creating a TWC master account-

You can create a TWC master account only if you’re a Spectrum internet customer. With a master account, you can add up to five mail accounts as sub-accounts. You can request a TWC account using your Spectrum online account. So, if you don’t have your Spectrum online account yet, create it first. After that, follow these steps to create your TWC master account-

  • Go to to sign in to your online spectrum account.
  • Then, click on the Sign In option.
  • Now, you can log in to your Spectrum online account using the Spectrum username and password.
  • Next, go to the internet section and select the Create Email Address option.
  • Now, create a unique username and password for your email account. This username becomes the first part of your email address, followed by the domain name.
  • Lastly, select the Finish option.

Login into the TWC master account-

After creating the account, you can log in to your master account directly by visiting You need to insert your TWC email address and password in the respective sections to sign in to your account.

Resetting the account password- 

You can change the TWC and Roadrunner email account password by following these instructions. 

  • Go to the
  • Select the “My Account” option.
  • After that, click on the “Sign In” to redirect to the login page.
  • Next, follow the “Forgot username and password?” link.
  • Now, select between the Contact Info or Account Info to change the account password.
  • Contact Info –  Enter the registered email address or phone number to receive the verification code.
  • Account Info- Enter your account number and security code. Check for the security code on the bills.
  • Then, enter the verification code and redirect to the next page.
  • Enter your username associated with the TWC email account. But if you are changing the password for the Roadrunner email account, enter the respective username.
  • Follow the received password reset link.
  • Lastly, create a new password and save changes to finish the process.

Setting up the account on an android, iOS, Mac, and email client-

You are free to set up your TWC or Roadrunner accounts on any mobile or desktop device. To set up the email account on any device, you need to select the account service type. Also, you need to choose the incoming and outgoing server for the account to send and receive emails.

These are the server settings to set up the incoming and outgoing server for your account-

  • Username: Use the Roadrunner or TWC email address.
  • Password: Enter the account password.
  • SSL: ON
  • Protocol: IMAP
  • Incoming server:
  • Port: 993
  • Outgoing server:
  • Port: 587
  • Requires Authentication: Yes

Server settings reside the same for every device, whether Android, Mac, iOS, iPad, or an email client. Therefore, you can follow these steps to set up your account.

Adding account on a device- 

  • Firstly, open the Settings tab of your device.
  • Then, select the Add Account option.
  • Next, click on the Others option.
  • Enter the account email address and password.
  • Finally, select the incoming and outgoing server for your account and save the changes.

Adding account on the email client- 

  • Open the email client application.
  • Then, look for the File option.
  • Next, select the Add Account option.
  • Now, enter your email address and password.
  • Select the incoming and outgoing service for the account and follow the further direction on the window to finalize the setup.

So, by following these given instructions, you can easily set up your account. However, if you are experiencing any issue with your account, you can go to to check for the settings.

Also, users can add extra ease and security for their availed service with their email account. You can also set the parental control, viewing control, priority email, mark and unmark spam email, etc. To know more about the email account, check out

Solving the login issues with the email account

Sometimes technical glitches can cause login issues with your account. However, you can fix these login problems by trying a few methods. Here are some of the tricks that you can try to access your account in case of login errors-

  • Reload the Spectrum web page- If you’re using a web browser, try reloading the spectrum web page.
  • Ensure that your login details are correct- Cross-check the log-in information. Account credentials like passwords are always case-sensitive. So, you can try re-entering your details to access the email account.
  • Use the Cellular network or private Wi-Fi- Do not use a public Wi-Fi connection. Instead, either switch to a private Wi-Fi connection or to the cellular data on the smartphone. Also, ensure to use a good internet connection to avoid the issues.
  • Reload the Email client- Emails clients sometimes can also cause authentication errors. So, if you face issues logging in through an email client such as outlook, close the application. After that, try to login into your account again.
  • Check for the email account server settings- Make sure to use the correct server settings to set up your account on Android, Mac, and iPhone. If there are any issues with the account’s server settings, you can’t access your account
  • Change the internet web browser- Using a different web browser can also help. Some browsers didn’t work well with some web pages. So, in this case, changing the regular browser with the new one is the best possible solution.
  • Reset your password- if you can’t access your account, though your login details are correct. Then, change your account password. Changing the password can cut possible threats to your account security.

Roadrunner email and TWC email support

Spectrum provides great support to its customers. So feel free to contact Spectrum customer support in case of issues with your mail account. Also, please beware of unauthorized web pages. Many websites claim to provide support for the Roadrunner and TWC email account. But these websites can put your account under potential security threats. So, don’t fall for false information. Instead, reach out to Spectrum customer support. Users can contact customer support on chat or at (833) 267-6094. Also, to get answers to your queries related to the TWC or Roadrunner email, check out